Famous Dave Anderson is an Inspiring Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur, and Best Selling Author, whose “Against All Odds” story is living proof that the American Dream… no longer has to be just a dream!
Founder of Famous Dave’s of America, which is reaching over $500million in barbecue sales this year, truly making him America’s Rib King!



When you’re creating a brand its important to research EVERYTHING about what you’re working on. During my barbeque travels I researched restaurants decor, spices, sauces, techniques,… and jokes! What restaurant doesn’t need a few humorous t-shirts! I’m working on my new book

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I remember how hot it would get in Chicago when I was a kid. It seemed that back in the 50’s it would get so hot and not just one day or two …but several weeks in a row of temperatures up

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Trend Reports recently released Remaining Innovation by Having Fun an interview with Dave Anderson, Founder of Famous Dave’s of America http://www.trendreports.com/article/famous-daves

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The days of just showing up and working are over.  No business can succeed without profits and you cannot succeed in your career if you do not know how your job contributes to the profits of the company! The Concept of Profit

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Do you believe in miracles? Yes, I believe in miracles… Because I am the one that makes the miracles happen! If you want to experience miracles in your life… you’ve got to work like a “Miracle Worker!” You’ve got to work with

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Somebody once said to me in passing… “Dave it seems like everything you touch turns to gold… I would sure like to be in your shoes just for a day!” I was somewhat taken back by this remark because the more I

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About Famous Dave

Dave Anderson is an Inspiring Speaker, Successful Entrepreneur, and Best-Selling Author, whose “Against All Odds” story is living proof that the American Dream… no longer has to be just a dream!

Best known as “Famous Dave,” founder of Famous Dave’s of America, became “Famous” with his storied backyard barbecues. His legend grew in 1994 after he opened up his first barbecue joint in Hayward, Wisconsin. The demand for “more barbecue!” grew too high for just one location and now—more than 200 restaurants later—Famous Dave’s is recognized as one of as one of the “Hottest Concepts in America” by Nation’s Restaurant News, reaching over $500 million in sales. The legend continues to grow every time Famous Dave’s adds to the 700 awards from the likes of the American Royal Barbecue Contest to the famous Silver Plate Award - cemented him as America’s Rib King.

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A highly sought after keynote speaker, Famous Dave holds nothing back as he shares his incredible real life story of overcoming tremendous odds, adversity, and failure to turn his backyard hobby into a $500 million a year enterprise! With passion, energy, and enthusiasm…Dave shares how he overcame his own personal challenges to become America’s Rib King…he connects directly to the spirit of every heart in attendance. Dave Anderson is an Inspiring Speaker and Successful Entrepreneur whose… MORE SPEAKING

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"I can’t tell you that I have ever met anyone that has generated more passion and enthusiasm then Famous Dave Anderson. I think Dave is the ultimate entrepreneur if you look at all the books written that have featured his life’s story. I can’t miss this opportunity to let people know about the massive impact Dave has on people. Thank you for being the blessing we need in the world!"

--- Dr. Joseph Michelli, Author of The Starbucks Expereience

"Our conference could not have been as successful without you!.." “Dave you are quite an inspiration. You have a wonderful way of captivating an audience.”

--- Business Professionals of America

"Famous Dave’s message is so powerful, just one of his thoughts could transform your life into a grand adventure of self-discovery and self-improvement!"

--- Mark Victor Hansen, Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul


FAMOUS DAVE’sBarbecue Party Cookbook Released!

Famous Dave Anderson Inducted into the ENTREPRENEURSHIP HALL OF FAME

LIVING LEGEND AWARD Urban Financial Services Coalition

Famous Dave Anderson Inducted into the JUNIOR ACHIEVEMENT BUSINESS HALL OF FAME

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Passionate, Sauce Obsessed, BBQ Worshiper…call it what you want, I am a Pitmaster and I love Barbecue!

Barbecue has been Famous Dave Anderson’s passion since age six when his Dad brought home a rack of ribs and the sweet smoky aroma filled their house... for Dave it was love at first bite. More than 50 years and over 200 Famous Dave’s restaurants later… that barbecue passion is still going strong! Whether it’s admiring a beautiful plate of barbecue, developing a new sauce, competing on the rib circuit, or judging the best barbecue in America… Famous Dave Anderson is living the #BBQlife!

Take a peek into Famous Dave Anderson’s Barbecue journey…

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Famous Dave’s Restaurant Visits – Detroit, MI area

Date May 13-15, 2014

Original Famous Dave’s 20th Anniversary Summer 2014

Date 5/26/2014 check back for details!

Presenter National Barbecue Association Conference

Date 3/4/- 3/8 2014 – San Marcos, TX


Barbecue Party Cookbook$24.99

Famous Dave’s latest cookbook with mouth-watering recipes for your next backyard barbecue!

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Rib-O’Licious$ 24.95

Famous Dave’s Award-Winning Cookbook inspired by his love for Southern Barbecue and Cooking.

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LifeSkills for Success$ 24.95

The Ultimate Manual for Achieving Your Very Best

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Recipe for Success$ 19.97

Famous Dave’s hard-earned lessons that created his success

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Report Cards to Paychecks$24.97

Strategies for succeeding in College & your Career!

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DVD – BBQ Pitmaster Secrets$ 24.97

Become familiar with seasonings, sauces, and the use of live fire to make great tasting food.

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Getting Sauced$ 10.00

Famous Dave’s True Story of Sobriety

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