The barbeque season is starting to fire up and that means lots of rib fests and competitions! Box prep, for the novices, is the look and placement of the ribs, barbeque sauce, and garnishes in the box you present to the judges. In some barbeque contests box presentation can be very important…it is the FIRST IMPRESSION on the judges. My advice for improving your box prep skills is…look up KCBS and find out when they are having judge certification classes. Take the judging class and then offer up your services at any BBQ contest you can get into as a judge. I have been a celebrity BBQ judge at many of these rib fests and barbeque contests and have picked up great ideas on how people box up their handiwork. I have seen some interesting artistic creations with the use of curly leaf lettuce, kale or parsley…remember to check the contest rules first some require that your barbeque speak for itself!

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