Hi!… WOW!!! did I have an experience last wednesday… gave me goose bumps and almost brought me to tears. I got to ring the opening NASDAQ bell with our CEO Christopher O’Donnell, Diana Purcell CFO, Mark Lyso FBC, David Marks and David Lee franchise partner, and our new franchise partners- Jacob and Sammy Benmoha that just opened the most amazing Famous Dave’s right in Time Square! This was in honor of celebrating 15 years of being listing on NASDAQ…Christopher our passionate CEO gave a rousing opening speech from the heart…then we whooped it up, hollered, and cheered. Bob McCooey, Senior Vice President, NASDAQ OMX said if we were really loud that our stock would go up. So we gave it all we had…we whooped it up even more… and guess what?… our stock did go up!!! from

6.25 open to 6.45 at close and this is up from $2 back in the beginning of March. Pretty good for this economy I would say… Next we went out on to Time Square where there was a full color video on Famous Dave being played on NASDAQ’s 10 story TV screen that it was so huge all of Time Square was able to see it and all of the world. It was exciting to see everyone stop and look at the juicy ribs with flames dancing all around them and they were being slathered with our award winning Rich & Sassy Barbeque Sauce… got everyone hungry.

I had to think back to the 1st day back in Hayward, Wisconsin when we were peeking from behind the kitchen to watch our 1st customer take the 1st bite of soon to be world famous award winning slow smoked ribs. I would have never guessed that 1st bite would lead to Famous Dave’s being recognized as The Best Ribs in America! and being displayed 10 stories tall in Times Square!~ It just goes to show how important it is to never give up on your dreams and more importantly to never give up when things seem hopeless. I am so honored to be part of a winning team led by Christopher O’Donnell and even more excited for our future as we keep focused on our goal to be America’s Official

Barbeque Joint! America is truly The Land of Opportunity where a young Native American kid like myself can have a dream, work hard, and realize their dream come true. We live in a great country.

None of this would be possible if it wasn’t for our team members in our restaurants who strive every day to make the best award winning barbeque and deliver outstanding cheerful service to our guests. I am also thankful for our franchise partners who share our dream to become America’s Official Barbeque Joint and one day to see Famous Dave’s

throughout the world! I am also grateful to our stakeholders who have steadfastly supported us. And finally I must share my love for our raving loyal fans… our passionate devoted customers… who keep coming back year after year after year! Thank all of you for making this dream come true… I am sincerely humbled and grateful…

Rib-O-Liciously Yours

“Famous Dave”


Please check this out for more photos and a video of the actual NASDAQ Opening Bell
the actual ringing of the bell is towards the end when the movie music gets loud and then
there will be an actual shot of the ribs and the Famous Dave logo 10 stories tall right in
Times Square!

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