I get asked this question all the time! I think it’s an absurd question…it’s almost like asking a father which is his favorite child! They are all my favorites and like a father, I love each one of just the same even though they are all different in their own way. My Rich & Sassy sauce reminds me of Chicago storefront barbeque joints and is great caramelized over a big slab of hickory smoked spare ribs. The Georgia Mustard sauce reminds me of the roadside smokehouses and it is “to-die-for” over charred juicy chicken. The Texas Pit sauce reminds me of the huge stockyard mesquite pits and is delicious over 24-hour slo-smoked beef brisket. And my Sweet & Zesty reminds me of the Missouri smokehouses found in the black hill country and you’ll be in hog heaven when you slather it over a smoky pulled pork sandwich topped with a dollop of zesty coleslaw! While these are my old standby sauces, I’m always experimenting and creating new sauces! This past Summer I produced a DVD, BBQ Pitmaster Secrets,on How to Make the Best Backyard Barbecue Ribs and Barbecue Sauce…I was like a kid in a candy shop creating new sauces with every day of filming…who knows what’s next!

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