I spent 25 years perfecting my award winning Famous Dave’s barbecue sauces. Each sauce was really difficult to develop in its own way because they can be spicy hot, sweet, zesty, vinegary, and fruity all at the same time. Each barbecue sauce has flavor nusances enhanced by fresh grinding the seasonings the day we make the sauce (you can learn more about this on my DVD here). To make great barbecue sauces we use fresh fruit juices and my special tomato sauce that comes from California and is processed and packed within 6 hours of being picked. Our dry seasonings are hand picked and mixed in one state and all the wet ingredients are mixed in another state and then combined at another location so that no one vendor knows what is in our barbecue sauces. I have the highest standards for my premium ingredients, in fact seasoning purveyors claim it is a badge of honor just to be able to say they supply Famous Dave’s barbecue sauce.

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