Famous Dave Day – August 30th


Well its official…I have my own day!  Isn’t it great to be a Dave?!

We’re still celebrating Famous Dave’s 15th Anniversary!!  August 31st is going to be “Dave Day”  so if you’re name is Dave, you get a FREE meal at any participating Famous Dave’s restaurant.  You bet your butt rockin’ blues I’m going to take advantage of that deal!  Why not my name’s Dave too!  I’ve already got the day mapped out…and it includes a lot of ribs and restaurants – com’on out, you might catch me celebrating being Dave!

And for all my almost Dave fans… your parents couldn’t fully commit to Dave so they gave it to you as a middle name…half price off a meal at participating restaurants!!

Not a Dave?  Well there’s still time to file a name change.  This deal is so good, my assistant is contemplating becoming Davette for the day!

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