My Barbecue Influences…


Real authentic barbecue is found in the little storefront barbecue joints on the Westside of Chicago; the country roadside smokehouses found in the Carolinas, Georgia, Missouri, and Tennessee; and the huge mesquite pits found in Texas. I have been in over 3,000 barbecue joints in the last 35 years, and have tasted the good, the bad, and the mouthwatering! But my first love was Eddie’s Ribs next to the “L” train stop in Logan Square, Chicago. As young as 8 years old, I can remember the huge glassed in wood smoker in the front window where a black gentleman pitmaster would turn the ribs that were smoldering over hickory with a huge fork before slathering a homemade sauce over these tender smoky fall off the bone ribs. The first time I tasted these tasty morsels of mouthwatering smoky ribs charred over the glowing coals of a lively hickory fire and then slathered with a brown sugar, molasses, and apple cider barbecue sauce…I knew from that instant I was going to own my own barbecue restaurant one day and I would have the best barbecue in the world!

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