Profit or Added Value is Energy


Profits, is generally a highly misunderstood financial business concept. The first time you see profits on a financial statement is when it is called “Gross Profit” …sounds awful! Then the “The Bottom Line” is considered “what is left” after expenses. This is backwards thinking. The creation of Profit or Added Value is the starting point of all enterprise! In fact, there is misguided thinking that “people who profit” are evil and some how taking advantage of others… and this is far from the truth. The ability to produce profits is a good thing.

In reality… all wealth, prosperity, or success begins with The Principles of Profit! Profit is nothing more than ADDED VALUE. Everything starts with “Added Value.” Creating something out of nothing. Giving more then is what you are paid to do. Delightfully giving beyond expectation. Profit is producing more than you consume. Profit is simply making the world a better place.

In school we study how to earn a living with the hopes and dreams of living in prosperity. Unfortunately prosperity does not come from what we earn…therefore, most people never achieve it. Prosperity comes from knowing how to create added value for other’s well being. So the question becomes… “Have you studied Prosperity…or better said…Have you mastered the skills needed to make the lives of others better?” If the answer is NO…then how can you expect to live in prosperity? The skills needed to better the lives of others… needs to be studied with the same intensity as you would study to prepare yourself for work.

Profit or Added Value is always “Created.” Added Value is never acquired by reducing or taking it from others. Profit or Added Value always increases the prosperity or well being of others. Profit is Good. Profit is never bad. People who excel at creating Added Value for others are respected and honored. When you become good at creating Added Value for others… soon people will trust you and then they will bring their valuable resources, ideas, network, and money so that you as a Profit Maker can continue to flourish in creating Added Value!

Profit or Added Value is Energy… it can be unlimited and it is something you create by giving.

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