I’ve been pondering new thoughts and reading my old writings as I’m preparing to write my next book.  I came across the Candles and Cake theory and just had to get it out there to share!

If you were sitting at a table with another person and you each had a piece of cake in front of you… if you each ate your cake you would be happy… but you could never enjoy the benefits of eating the other person’s cake. If you wanted to enjoy more than your cake… you would have to take away the other person’s cake.

Unfortunately you might not enjoy the benefits of eating both pieces of cake because you might feel guilty in eating the other person’s cake but they would be unhappy as well because they didn’t get to eat their cake and enjoy it… plus the fact…they might also get mad at you for taking their cake!  A lot of unhappiness is caused by scarcity in this example.

If you were sitting at a table with another person and they had an unlit candle in front of them and you had a lighted candle… you could use your candle to light their candle. In lighting the other person’s candle you would not use up your energy and in addition, you created happiness or Added Value for the other person. Two  candles is double the energy and they light up the whole room so many more people can enjoy the benefits. This also explains the Multiplier Effect of Added Value.

No matter if you are broke or well off… the best way to live is in Profit Mindset! Even if you don’t have any money right now… you can always give more than what is expected. From this day forth…start living in the increase!

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