Become a Miracle Worker!


Do you believe in miracles?
Yes, I believe in miracles…
Because I am the one that makes the miracles happen!
If you want to experience miracles in your life… you’ve got to work like a “Miracle Worker!”
You’ve got to work with unwavering resolve…
You’ve got to work with obsessive intensity…
You’ve got to work relentlessly harder than you have ever worked before…
You have to work so hard that people will say… “Look at that guy work! …will miracles never cease to happen!”
Non-stop hard work. Working harder than everyone else. Working longer hours than everyone else. Working until you drop. Working until you have achieved your goal.
You’ve got to work with greatest devotion that you have ever poured into a job with the unwavering belief that someday…all your dreams will manifest into reality with such abundance that your success exceeds even beyond your wildest dream! This is how miracles are created.
You’ve got to be the miracle!

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