I just witnessed the most amazing thing… John Luke General Manager of the Minneapolis Hilton brought his entire executive team over to cheer on the Hotel Ivy graduation of their key executives!

John spoke and it was totally unexpected but he gave a very powerful meaningful talk from his heart… this was nothing short of amazing how we can make a difference in our communities!

It takes us supporting each other and willing to walk across town to support each other. John Luke welcomed the new graduates and committed to The Ivy Executives wanting to work together to make Minneapolis a greater city!

John shared that when he found out that the executives of the Hotel Ivy were graduating… he said he instructed his own executive team to figure out how to get their duties covered and he marched his whole team through the skyways to come over to the Hotel Ivy.

This is the first time I have seen two competing properties come together like this and it wasn’t about business… it was about celebrating the human spirit and recognition that lives have been transformed for the better…this is what need more of in this world

The energy in the room was incredible and electric… and it was nothing short of powerful to see the Hilton Executives cheering on the Hotel Ivy executives.

I am personally grateful for having the opportunity to attend on team the last two days… it was good for me to be in the positive energy that was created in this room this evening! Even though I have been a founder of this program… I found myself rethinking many things and I am not embarrassed to say this was very much needed in my life. Don’t be above sharing your own gifts in helping others experience this wonderful life transformational experience!

James and Brandon did an amazing outstanding job… I am very proud of their effort and truly they are world class trainers!

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