Where Do You Sit in the Classroom?


The Dynamics Of Being A Front Row Seater!

Front Row Seaters signal to the world that they are Showing Up, Standing Up, and Ready To Take On The World! The students who sit in the front rows will be tomorrow’s leaders driving the marketplace, the leaders in their communities, and the ones who step up to make the world a better place. Front Row Seaters are eager, they are ambitious, and they have an above average drive to make the best of their learning opportunities. They have a relentless drive to be front and center where all the action takes place. Being a front row seater means you have to come early… you have to put some effort and energy into scrambling for the highly prized front row seats. There is thought and some strategy necessary for getting the best seat possible.

Being where the teacher can see you means that you need to be fully prepared because you might be called on. Sitting as close to the instructor also shows respect for their knowledge and their efforts to teach you. Being a Front Row Seater also means that you need to take good care of yourself because you are conscious of making a good impression. Being a Front Row Seater means that you are confident with a healthy self-esteem; sitting in front of all the other students, subject to their critical eye as they notice everything you do. By the way, being in the front rows is also a good reason to be a very good note taker…the instructor, teacher, or seminar leader notices quite easily who are the ambitious note takers. Your industriousness in taking notes will be thought about when leadership opportunities are discussed. Here’s a good reason why you want to be noticed by your instructor: Everyone needs letters of recommendation for getting into a school of higher learning or for getting your dream job. From now on, make it a point to be a Front Row Seater! “Scrambling to be front and center” will be a leadership character trait that will be your ticket to greatness!

The Demise Of The Back Row Seater

Back Row Seaters signal to the world that they really don’t care. Back Row Seaters, do you realize that not only are you are condemning your future but you are condemning your children by where you sit? When you sit in the back rows you are establishing a pattern for life. You squash any ambition you have by settling for the seats that are left over. It takes no effort to get a back seat. You can come in late. You sit in the back where you will not be noticed. You have a good chance of escaping being called on so you can get by not being fully prepared for class. Sitting in the back rows show you have no respect for the teacher. You can be sloppy in appearance because no one will notice you in the back rows. Creating a great future for yourself is not in your plans… as you would rather sit with your other jackass friends and goof off. Back row seaters usually end up wondering how come the rewards of life have passed them by. They get passed over for raises, promotions, and prime assignments that can lead to career changing opportunities. Ask yourself… Where else does this “back row seater mentality” show up in my life and how has this held me back? Don’t let your back row seating casualness turn you into one of life’s casualties!

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