Dave’s Message of Sobriety MP3

Famous Dave Anderson shares a heartfelt message of hope for anyone struggling with alcohol and addictions. This remarkable story of healing and recovery will touch the hearts of anyone wondering if they too can overcome their addictions and regain sanity in their lives. This personal story is both encouraging and agonizing… at times even humorous…as Dave shares openly and honestly about his having to deal with his addictions with brutal honesty. In the hopes of making a difference in someone’s life who is struggling themselves… Dave openly shares how God changed his life and gave him a new start in life. You may know someone who is struggling with alcohol or other addictions… give them this CD… it may save their life! DISCLAIMER: This sobriety message is the personal story of “Famous Dave” Anderson and does not reflect the opinions of Famous Dave’s of America, Inc., although if Dave did not get sober there would be no Famous Dave’s today!

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