Back in Leviticus the good Lord told moses to tell Aaron to build him an alter which we all know is the precursor to the modern day grill. Then he said to take the best goat without blemish. Immediately we find that our God is very particular about quality control. Next he says to cut it up and wash it… so we also know that the good Lord is very particular about cleanliness. Then the good Lord said to build a fire out of wood and to put the fat and the meat on the alter. Then we understand that the “aroma was pleasing unto the Lord” …could be where the phrase “Holy Smokes” comes from and everyone saying that my barbecue is “Real Righteous” or the aromas that waft from my smoker are “divine!” and I know everyone has heard the phrase “Hog Heaven”
Finally the Old Testament says the good Lord came down “and consumed the alter, the fat, and the burnt offering” and then blessed everyone while forgiving them of their transgressions! …did you get that? let me repeat that… the Bible says the Good Lord came down and he Consumed the alter, the fat, and the burnt offering!”  One can only assume that the Good Lord had a very mighty appetite for some smokey mutton that was burnt… also probably why man has always had a primal need to chew charred meat off of a bone… sort of brings out the inner caveman in everyone! Or today, all raving loyal fans of great tasting barbecue know that the best eating is always the “burnt ends!”

So I am believing that this whole alter thing was really in many ways the good Lord’s way of just getting some good tasting barbecue! and I often wonder if the folks down in the Carolinas are more highly favored because they are still putting mutton over their smoldering hot coals???

Another thing… God didn’t create woman with a shin bone or a arm bone but he used a Rib Bone… so I believe that I am highly favored in how I honor the Good Lord! including the fact when the Bible says that whatsoever thy hand findth to do… to do it mightily! So I am mightily making great tasting barbecue… and feeling highly favored!

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  1. Chris at May 27, 2011 02:39:10

    Hilarious stuff, Dave. I never really thought about it along those lines. Think I’ll do some burnt ends….errrr – burnt offerings this weekend:)