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Famous Dave’s BBQ Pitmaster Secrets DVD

Award Winning Barbecue Recipes from America’s Best Rib Shacks and Bar-B-Que Joints, NOW REVEALED! Learn How to make the Barbecue Ribs and Sauce that launched the career of “Famous Dave” Anderson, Award Winning Champion Pitmaster and Founder of the Famous Dave’s Legendary Real Pit Barbeque Restaurants “Home of The Big Slab!” BBQ Pitmaster Secrets will turn you backyard grill into The Best Rib Joint in Town! Your family and friends will be impressed by your new found cooking skills and grilling techniques! Whether you’re an experienced barbecue weekend warrior or you’re just starting out with your first barbecue grill, BBQ Pitmaster Secrets will make your backyard the place to be for the best tasting Real Hickory Pit Smoked Ribs. In this DVD, learn how to take lean meaty spare ribs, hand rub ‘em with fresh ground spices, and smoke’m real slow over smoldering hickory coals all day until the juicy succulent barbequed ribs are fallin’-off-the-bone tender. Then learn how to slather up these tasty charred ribs with a tongue ticklin’ homemade Bar-B-Que sauce …so mouthwatering zesty…you’ll think ELVIS was dancing on your tongue! You will also learn Amazing Cooking Secrets like… how an everyday coffee grinder can transform your kitchen into The Best Rib Joint in Town! You won’t want to miss my discussion of “How fresh grinding all your own spices and seasonings can Zap Your Taste Buds Alive.” How fresh squeezing fruit juices can add a Mardi Gras of Robust Flavors to your favorite recipe… and how using fresh veggies like sweet onions, savory garlic cloves, and spicy peppers can Jump Start Flavors in all your cooking. You’ll also learn how Live Fire Cooking can do more than just cook your food but impart a variety of flavors like the Sweet Aromas of Smoking, mouth watering tastes of Flame Kissed Charred Meat, and the Incredible Taste Sensations of Carmelizing Sauces Over Searing Heat… you’ll never look at your backyard grill the same way again! This landmark cooking BBQ DVD will teach you how to make the Absolute Best Tasting Barbecue Ribs… so tasty… that you will create a lifetime of fond memories for your family. Your family get-togethers and backyard picnics will soon feature your tasty ribs and foster good conversation, fun times, great tasting food, and The Best Tasting Ribs in America! Your kids will brag you up to all their friends… Be Your Family’s Hero!!! SPECIAL NOTE: The a portion of the profits from this DVD are being used to help support the LifeSkills Center for Leadership, Dave’s non-profit organization that provides leadership training to college age youth. For more information on the LifeSkills Center and their highly acclaimed training programs please see:

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