Famous Dave’s Hog Heaven University Barbecue E-Book

Hog Heaven University E-Book is packed with the story of how Famous Dave Anderson became known as Famous Dave, a coveted secret matrix for creating your own barbecue sauce and rib rub, Dave’s award winning barbecue recipes, Dave’s list of ingredients for making your own barbecue sauces, and more! Hog Heaven University E-Book teaches you everything you need to know about Barbecue Ribs, Barbecue Sauce, Rib Rubs, Pork, and more! Famous Dave explains the different types of rib cuts, how to prepare them, and which cuts are his favorites! After helping you select your rib cut, Famous Dave teaches you how to properly marinate and season your ribs for that mouth-watering barbecue flavor! Once your ribs are ready to go, Famous Dave will show you exactly how to use your ordinary charcoal grill as a first class rib smoker!! Saving you tons of money by giving you perfectly smoked barbecue ribs without having to buy a smoker! This 60+ page E-Book is a must have for anyone who wants to barbecue great ribs! AND… since it’s an E-BOOK you can purchase it now, download the book and be on your way to making great ribs in minutes! This book is also available as a printed book.

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Sale Price : $9.97

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