I’m sitting in my cabin, illuminated by the sterile cold blue light staring at me from my laptop…then looking up from my global connection…I am warmed by the lush green that is making my cabin’s patio windows glow from the much needed rain that has gently fallen all day.  Looking out over my shoulder, I am now looking through our lakeside windows, looking into the reflection of a calm glassy -like pristine lake blanketed with a wisy hint of lazy fog.  Everyting is northwoods beautiful.  The dark green evergreens contrast with the birches, maples, poplars, and oaks.  The forest has come alive.  The rain makes everything feel so clean and it mae me think about how nature just a few days ago was blowing up a storm all day… kind of like it was “sweeping.”  It made me wonder where does all the stuff blow to?  It’s like you never see the stuff all piled up somewhere.  The point being… everything looks fresh and clean right now.  Then I had an incredible thought…I need to tell folks about brushing their teeth with Listerine! After you normally brush your teeth with a good toothpaste and it really doesn’t matter what kind you use because brushing your teeth with Listerine afterwards is the best thing you can do for protectig your gums and teeth.  After you are all done brushing and you have rinsed the toothpaste from your mouth.  Rinse with a flavored Listerine, I like the Citrus flavored one, its not as nasty tasting.  BUT here’s the secret to great healthy teeth… next brush your teeth all over again with just the Listerine in your mooouth.  Spit this out and rinse with Listerine again.  Just this one added step will keep your gums looking beautiful and your teeth free from plaque and decay.

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