The value you add to the marketplace is reflected in your paycheck, which means the amount printed on your paycheck is YOUR responsibility. So if you want to make more money look in the mirror and ask yourself:
1. How can I keep improving the profitability of my company?
2. How can I bring more value to the marketplace?
If you don’t know how you are creating value you’d better find out! You could be replaced or eliminated because your bosses are probably thinking the same thing! It is your responsibility to save your job and increase your paycheck…go to your boss or supervisor and ask them how you can contribute more to making the company more profitable!

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The Concept of Profit Creation


The days of just showing up and working are over. No business can succeed without profits and you cannot succeed in your career if you do not know how your job contributes to the profits of the company!

The Concept of Profit Creation… Profit is a good thing yet many people do not understand the concept of profit creation. Profit is really nothing more than making the world a better place. Profit is leaving something better because of your influence, your service, or your hard work. Profit is giving more than expected. Profit is giving more than what you are being paid. Profit is creating more than you consume. Profit is making everything around you better… Profit is making everything you touch increase in value…this is the concept of profit.

Ask yourself… how does the work I do add profit to the business? Most people go to work without ever knowing how their work adds value to the marketplace. To them it is just a job.

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