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eCanadaNow » Will Pork Get Things Going Better…
Argentina’s President, Cristina Fernandez, offered a new health tip on Monday when she suggested that eating a diet rich in pork could have more positive effects than those …

Is pork better than Viagra | Food and More with…
Argentina’s president thinks so … Argentina’s president, Cristina Fernandez, claims to have firsthand knowledge of this phenomenon, according to a Reuters report.

Pork better for sex than Viagra? – Yahoo! News
Argentina’s president recommended pork as an alternative to Viagra Wednesday, saying she spent a satisfying weekend with her husband after eating barbecued pork.

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Pigs Do Fly! Our 15th Anniversary


On August 1st we celebrated the 15th Anniversary of the Original Famous Dave’s opening.

All day there seemed to be a specialness about the day and the positive vibes was impossible to miss.  We had over a thousand raving loyal fans feasting on barbeque yesterday and the activities really topped off the day. We had Wilbur skiing… and the highlight really was Wilbur flying in… and landing right on the water in front of the restaurant… we got some really great footage of this and John Roach Productions camera guy works exclusively for ESPN and said he was going to try and get this on Sports World! Seeing Wilbur fly in was really exciting and something to see… A Flying Pig!!!  Just proves that Pigs Do Fly… and this is the story of Famous Dave’s. People were lined up across the resort watching Wilbur jump out of the plane and you should have heard the kids scream when they were actually able to make out the parachuting figure was our pig!

We had a great country western band that really rocked the house last night and then the whole night.. but as Kris said in his email to me… the special highlight was the cake cutting and the whole restaurant singing Happy Birthday… I must have drawn over a 1000 Wilburs on paper towels yesterday.

None of this would have been possible without the home office and all our restaurants delivering great barbeque over 15 years… I can’t tell you how many people that were from basically all over the country who stopped by and shared their favorite restaurant and we had people from both coasts… California, New Jersey, Illinois, Michigan, big groups from Iowa, of course Minnesota and Wisconsin…of course everyone said Famous Dave’s was their favorite restaurant!

It was a great celebration, very energizing, and humbling in a way… my heart is filled with gratefulness and  I want to thank all of you for believing in our vision of Famous Dave’s being America’s Official Barbeque Joint! The best is yet to come

Rib-O-Liciously Yours


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