This past week I was hosting guests in Hayward, WI for our internet marketing meetings.  Internet marketing is the way of the future and I can’t learn enough, fast enough!  After an evening of meetings, a group of us went out to a local pizza joint.

About 10 minutes after we ordered the manager came out and said the pizza roller broke & they couldn’t make our pizza.  We asked why they couldn’t roll the dough by hand…the guy was a deer in headlights & said they couldn’t do it without the roller.  I said I could roll it out. Next thing you know I’m back in their kitchen rolling out our pizza!  I pulled out my pizza making skills (one of the people visiting me was the former head of R&D at Dominos!) and hand-tossed a great pizza if I don’t say so myself!

As Always…Make it Famous!

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Famous Dave & The Pizza Lady!


The Pizza Challenge Cook-Off

I have had the honor of meeting the Pizza Lady!  Bev is author of Pizzeria Secrets – a DVD that teaches you to make pizzas at home.  She used to be head of R&D for Domino’s pizza and stayed up in Hayward this past weekend at our resort.

In a true chef fashion, I challenged her to a pizza cook-off!

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